Petition to Texas Chistian University

The North Texas Boycott, Divest, and Sanction of Israel Campaign, representing a coalition of concerned groups and individuals and North Texas communities, calls on the Texas Christian University Board of Trustees to divest from companies doing business with or in the State of Israel until such time as the State of Israel accepts and facilitates the full implementation of the individual and collective human rights of the Palestinian people. Those rights are enshrined in the instruments of international humanitarian law, relevant United Nations conventions, and multiple United Nations resolutions condemning the inhumane oppression of the Palestinian population. Any investments associated with Israel subvert the implementation of norms of international humanitarian law, as well as the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, 22 USC sec. 2304, which prohibits the providing of security assistance to any country whose government engages in violations of internationally recognized human rights.

As concerned and conscientious members of the North Texas community, we are part of a growing global movement for a principled and just peace in historical Palestine, one that includes equality for Jews and Arabs under the law, constitutional guarantees of minority rights, institutionalized toleration for cultural autonomy in well-defined spheres of life, the basic right of the citizen to live where he or she chooses and the right to take full part in democratic processes. We urge the Texas Christian University Board of Trustees to recognize that divesting its holdings in companies that do business with the state of Israel is a moral imperative and an act that signifies a commitment to socially responsible investment, basic human rights, international law, and the principle that nothing should impede human freedom and flourishing. This basic right is congruent with the TCU stated mission, “To educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.”

Although we do not discredit the value of Judaism, we, however, do object to the political oppression of the Palestinian people along with the occupation of Palestinian lands by the government of Israel.

We petition the TCU Board of Trustees to publically disclose the names of companies and corporations in which TCU has financial investments, business contracts and retirement plans/pension funds.

You can sign the petition by visiting the following website: North Texas BDS of Israel

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