Boycott Israeli Settlements

Why? Israeli settlements in the West Bank have grown dramatically over the last decade. These settlements are illegal under international law, a major block in the peace process, and effectively steal Palestinian land. Their continued presence is unacceptable.

Goal: The settlements must be dismantled, movement restrictions on civilians must be lifted, and a Palestinian state with economically viable borders must be created.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud
Boycott Dead Sea Mineral Mud
Genesis Soda Maker
Boycott Genesis Soda Maker
Tishbi Cabernet-Merlot
Boycott Tishbi Cabernet-Merlot
Tishbi Merlot
Boycott Tishbi Merlot
Abadi Mediterranean Savory Cookies
Boycott Abadi Mediterranean Savory Cookies
Jordan River Dates
Boycott Jordan River Dates
Hacormim Conditon
Boycott Hacormim Conditon
Shamir Houmous
Boycott Shamir Houmous
Tabha Olive Oil
Boycott Tabha Olive Oil
Beth Saida Olive Oil
Boycott Beth Saida Olive Oil

For more information please visit The Boycott Toolkit Online

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