Fleet Freedom Begins Sailing To Gaza

Freedom fleet began to move towards the center of the Gaza Strip by the participants not deterred Israeli threats on the arrival of the Gaza port,
To be a gesture to break the Israeli blockade, at a time when Israel announced that it will prevent access to the fleet sector.

It began in the early hours of Friday morning from the port of Antalya, Turkey, three ships carrying six hundred participants and solidarity as well as cargo ships loaded with humanitarian aid into Gaza.

It is scheduled to meet this afternoon ships at sea by ships, which started from Greece for this fleet consists of freedom, moving towards the Gaza Strip.

The “European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza,” has strongly condemned the Israeli government decision on the seizure of naval vessels of freedom, and the arrest of peace activists on board, saying that an escalation would have repercussions.

Anwar said a Western member of the campaign and based in Brussels and the President of the Law Society for all of Switzerland – one of the founders of the coalition fleet of freedom – that the Israeli side, acting as if he was waging a war against another army, especially after it was ordered from the political level to the level of the military to intercept the fleet and the use of force with to prevent the arrival shores of Gaza, calling on the international community to act to protect the fleet of international humanitarian law.

The west of the international activists, including MEPs participants in the fleet, they declared their determination to resist any attempt at piracy may be subjected by the Israeli occupation, noting that all the scenarios were taken into consideration were plans to address them.

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