In observance of the worldwide marking of  Palestinian Land Day, a protest will be held against the recent US Veto of the UN Security Council resolution condemning continuing Israeli ‘settlements’ in the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank.

Palestinian Land Day, “Yom al-Ard,” commemorates the Israeli military’s 1976 killing of six young Palestinians as they protested the Israeli government’s seizure of Palestinian land. The day has since become a symbol of Palestinian resistance to land theft, colonization, occupation and apartheid.

Date:  Wednesday, March 30th, 11 am to 3 pm

Place:  Fort Worth Federal Building, 819 Taylor Street , Downtown Fort Worth (On the Throckmorton St side of the building in the area of the lawn)

Volunteers needed!   Please come and bring signs demanding that the Obama administration cease supporting the illegal activities of Israel against Palestine

Sponsors:  North Texas Boycott, Divest and Sanction of Israel Campaign, Socialist Party D/FW,  Code Pink Fort Worth, Dallas Peace Center  

Background Information:

 On February 18, 2011 our ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice vetoed a resolution co-sponsored and brought to the UN Security council by over 120 of the UN member states. In casting the negative vote, Ms. Rice’s ‘Nay’ (tantamount to a veto) was the only one, the other 14 members of the  including the other 4 permanent members of the UNSC having registered a unanimous support for the resolution by voting ‘Yea’.  The resolution, as you are surely aware, condemned the Israeli settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories as illegal and inimical to the chances of peaceful resolution of the 63 year old Israeli-Palestinian dispute and demanded that Israel cease all activities that violate various international conventions obligating the occupying power to safeguard the territorial and other interests of the occupied peoples. As you are aware that Israel has continuously defied and violated those conventions since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War and successive US administrations have re-affirmed the universally held position that the settlement activities on occupied Palestinian land are illegal and the Israeli treatment of its occupied subjects constitutes violation of human rights. 

February 2011 veto was by no means unique. In the last 40 years, our government has cast more vetoes in the UNSC than any other permanent members – not to mention almost that many ‘pocket vetoes’; an overwhelming majority of them have been the direct result of our governments’ subservience to the dictates of the Israeli lobby and contrary to the opinion of the most of the members of the UN General Assembly as well as the majority of the permanent and non-permanent members of the Security Council, placing our country at odds with the world public opinion. The latter is not the result of pervasive ‘anti-Semitism as claimed by the supporters of Israel but a common-sense acknowledgment of indefensible position of the Israeli government. 

Ms. Rice’s lame defense of her negative vote (and our prior invocations of the Negroponte Doctrine), namely that it damaged the phantom “peace process”, would be laughable if it was not fraught with the ongoing tragedy of the lives of the Palestinians who understandably strike out from time to time with feeble acts of violence.  Those acts (much more believable as acts of self-defense than that claimed by the Israelis), in turn, serve as a pretext for the Israelis’ to intensify their oppression of, and violence against, the former. In all cases, we have latched on to the absurd Israeli mantra that it has ‘every right to defend itself’ and thus justified in inflicting ghastly and disproportionate collective punishment upon defenseless civilian men, women and children of Palestine.

The UNSC veto provision in the charter of the United Nations was never intended to be used with such impunity in defense of a lawless regime such as Israel has proved itself to be. Besides, by creating a sense of deepening cynicism among the member states and reaffirmation of the doctrine that ‘might is right’, we are inviting a growing hostility against our country; such hostility nullifies the well-deserved goodwill our country should be earning in consequence of our otherwise sincere and conscientious pursuit of freedom, peace, justice and human rights in all other arena.

As a group of concerned citizens, we are beseeching President Obama to right the wrongs the United States has done to the Palestinian cause over two generations by halting all acts of support – economic, military, political, diplomatic and trade – for the state of Israel until it withdraws completely form all Arab territories occupied since June, 1967, and cease and desist from perpetuating the complex labyrinth of discriminatory laws against non-Jews, both inside and outside Israel proper. But most of all, we are demanding that Obama stops abusing the UNSC veto power on behalf of Israel.



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