About The Prisoners Exchange With Israel

 Tuesday, 18 October 2011 11:13
By Dr Salim Nazzal, Countercurrents.org
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Palestinians have the right to celebrate the freedom of their sons and daughters who spent years in the Israeli jails because they fought the occupation and they deserve a hero-like reception. Fighting the Zionist occupation is an honor for those Palestinians who put defending Palestine before their own interests. And shame on all those European countries which preach to us about democracy and human rights yet lifted no finger about Palestinians taken to jail by illegal power in Palestine.

And since 2006, the year of arresting the French mercenary soldier by Palestinian freedom fighters, the question of the European and American mercenaries in the Zionist army has not taken serious concern in terms of the international law, including the juridical responsibility of these countries which its citizen join an occupation army and contribute in murder and occupation.

Therefore I address Palestinian’s lawyers to consider this question and to take legal actions because all know that the Israeli army includes thousands of European and American citizens who kill and occupy innocent Palestinians.

The second point I like to raise is the question of how the Palestinian side accept deporting 41 prisoners outside Palestine, while we know from the experience of the church deportee in 2003 that none of them were allowed to return to their homes.

This question has juridical, national, social and human sides and we Palestinians are extremely sensitive to the question of deporting us from our home country because this is exactly what Zionism is about, to deport as many Palestinians as they could.

Bearing all these considerations in mind, I am shocked that the Palestinian negotiating team has accepted the principle of deportation, knowing how this word is extremely sensitive in the Palestinian psychology. And all of us do not forget for a moment that the Russian polish defacto Zionist state is based from A to U on the question of deporting Palestinians from their homeland.

However, I do not claim that I know much about the science of negotiation, nor I am a
political man by any way, but as a Palestinian who studied well the Zionist criminal history in Palestine, I would strongly oppose the idea of deporting any Palestinian from his home under all conditions. However I hope this would be the last time such horrible things are accepted by Palestinian negotiators; looking of course towards the day we see no Palestinian in the Zionist jails, and no Zionists on the land of Palestine.

The writer is a Palestinian-Norwegian historian in the Middle East, who has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.

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