BDS Roundup: The Victories of 2012

BDS roundup: The victories of 2012
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Boycott actions and victories took place across the globe in 2012.

(Nedal Eshtayah / APA images)

2012: A year of BDS successes

Worldwide: From Glasgow to Cairo, Jerusalem to Olympia, activists tirelessly campaigned on behalf of the Palestinian-led BDS movement to hold Israel accountable for its ongoing human rights violations.

Here’s a look back at The Electronic Intifada’s coverage of the significant BDS victories of 2012.



  • US singer/songwriter Cat Power canceled her performance in Israel.

  • In Canada, the University of Regina’s student body adopted a BDS motion “as a means of pressuring Israel to comply with international and human rights law.”

  • US jazz vocalist Cassandra Wilson canceled her performance in Holon. She announced, “as a human rights activist, I identify with the cultural boycott of Israel.”

  • Israeli cosmetics company Ahava — which pillages resources from the Dead Sea in the occupied West Bank, and produces the cosmetics in an illegal settlement colony while labeling them as “made in Israel” — was de-shelved across Japan. DaitoCrea, the Japanese distributor for Ahava’s cosmetics line, announced that they would immediately stop carrying Ahava products because of that company’s fraudulent labeling policy.

  • A judge threw out a lawsuit by Israel lobby group against Olympia Food Co-op in Washington, US, protecting the co-op’s decision not to carry Israeli products and uphold the boycott.












More BDS successes and activism can be found on this excellent, comprehensive list compiled by Don’t Play Apartheid Israel, which we encourage our readers to check out.

2012 was a year of significant growth of the Palestinian-led boycott movement. 2013 will surely and steadily build upon these victories worldwide

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