United Methodist Church Issues Alert to Avoid SodaStream Products

Kairos Palestine welcomes United Methodist call to avoid SodaStream


With profound gratitude Kairos Palestine welcomes the recent alert from the United Methodist Kairos Response to avoid SodaStream products. 

Although SodaStream claims its products are “Made in Israel”, the company’s main plant lies in the industrial sector of Maale Adumin. Maale Adumin is one of the largest settlements in the West Bank, built on land stolen from the Palestinian towns of Abu Dis, Azarya, Atur, Issauya, Han El Akhmar, Anata and Nebbi Mussa. By operating in a settlement, SodaStream directly sustains Israel’s illegal and discriminatory settlement policy. 

In a time where the expansion of Israeli settlements – even they are illegal under international law – continues every day, this courageous alert demonstrates the United Methodist Kairos Response’s commitment to democratic rights and responsibilities as well as to act in solidarity for a just peace. 

We, Kairos Palestine, believe in boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) as a nonviolent, peace-seeking and ethically consistent tool to bring the Israeli occupation accountable for all its crimes against the Palestinian people. Therefore we hope and pray that not only the Methodist Church, but also other churches and its members will follow this alert. 

With hope, gratitude and solidarity, 

Rifat Kassis                                                                                                                                Kairos Palestine

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