Protests Across Palestine and Other Countries: Stop the Displacement of Bedouins, Demolishing of Their Homes, and Confiscation of Their Land

  • Protests will take place in several Palestinian cities and villages, calling to stop “Prawer Plan,” which aims to displace Palestinian Bedouins in the Naqab (southern of historic Palestine).
      Prawer Plan aims to displace between 30,000 to 40,000 Palestinian Bedouins, uproot approximately 40 villages and confiscate over 850,000 dunums of land. For more info please click here ( and here (http…:// and here (
      The Plan is named after Ehud Prawer, Netanyahu’s director of planning, who headed the Prawer commission which discussed planing issues in the Naqab. The Prawer’s recommendation were approved by the government in September. Two weeks ago Prawer’s bill passed first reading in the Israeli Knesset.
      For Palestinians the Nakba was never a one time event that happened 65 years ago. It’s an ongoing tragedy, ethnic cleansing and colonization never stopped. Implementing Prawer Plan, with whatever justifications Israel gives, should be viewed in that context.
      The struggle to stop Prawer Plan should be massive and powerful. This is not just the struggle of Palestinians 48, its the struggle of all parts of the Palestinian people against the same power that keeps us divided, continues to colonize our land and transfer our people, whether in lands occupied in 1967 or in 1948.
      Prawer plan is also a good example for those questioning “Apartheid” in Israel and praising it’s “democracy”. It’s about time you understand that concrete action is needed, join Palestine solidarity movements and support efforts to Boycott, Divest and place Sanctions on Israel.
      Schedule for the Anger Strike events on Monday, July 15th, in Palestine:   -Naqab   -Um Alfahem entrance   -Sakhnin, Mesgav junction   -Yafa, Clock Square   -Jerusalem, Damascus Gate   -Ramallah, Manarah Square   -Gaza, Unknown Soldier Square   -Hebron, Tal Rumeide -Ara’ra entrance   -Baqa al-Gharbeya-Jat, indistrial zone   -Tira and Taybeh   -Nazareth, next to Big Fashion junction   -Reineh and Mashhad, Circle -Kufr Manda+Rumaneh+A’zeir   -Tiberias-Kufr Manda Junction -Shfa’amr+ Tamra+Ei’belin, Na’ameh junction   -Jdaydeh, Maker, Kufr Yasif, Ayadeiyeh junction. -Majd Alkroum, Deir Alasad, Be’neh, Majd Alkroum entrance -Tarshiha and Me’lya junction   -Akka   -Haifa, Emil Habibi Square.   -Led+Ramleh
    North Texas Boycott, Divest and Sanction of Campaign local Protest:
    Tarrant County Courthouse, 100 Weatherford St, Fort Worth  (corner of Weatherford and Commerce Streets)
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