Q & A About Boycotts

The US government uncritically supports Israeli policies year after year to the tune of $3 to $6 billion annually in aid. This support is continuing even after the recent Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip, which resulted in over 1400 Palestinian deaths (mostly non-combatants), well over 5,000 injuries, and massive destruction of housing and infrastructure. Because of the US government’s unquestioning support of Israel regardless of its atrocious behavior, we US citizens have an urgent responsibility to work to change Israeli policies.

We have seen that Israel’s successive governments refuse to listen to criticism by the United Nations, human rights activists, and the World Court alike, and that Israel’s behavior is becoming more extreme and brutal year by year. An economic boycott is a legitimate, moral, and non-violent form of political action. Boycotts are taking place in dozens of countries around the world. From New York and Toronto to Durban and Qatar, ordinary citizens are organizing to refuse to buy Israeli products.

It worked in South Africa; it can work in Israel/Palestine. Palestinians have the right to self-determination, and it is time for us to support this right through economic pressure.


1. Questions and Answers about Boycott
2. Links to web sites, articles, and activist materials about Boycott
3. Partial list of products to boycott that are sold in the Seattle area, and where they are sold; What You Can Do
4. Boycott Handbill
5. Trader Joe’s Handbill
6. Victoria’s Secret Handbill


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